6 Underrated Luxury Menswear Designers in Asia

Western names have always dominated the world of luxury menswear. Designers such as Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Raf Simons, and Rick Owens have long been known as the tastemakers of luxury fashion for men. However, with more and more men being more up-to-date with the current fashion trends and the accessibility of high-end and rare apparel through e-commerce, Asia has emerged as a region churning out the industry’s hottest and most sought-after menswear designers. In fact, this region has also produced some of the best wedding gown designers in the industry today.

A report published in Mordor Intelligence revealed that the Asia Pacific region is seen as having the fastest-growing market in luxury menswear due to its emerging economies. This leads to the demand for homegrown talents to make their mark in Asia and on the global stage.

We present 6 of Asia’s most underrated luxury menswear designers who are about to become household names in the industry.

1. 1x1Studio

Photo: Oneg Magazine

Menswear is synonymous with meticulous tailoring and structured pieces, but who knew men’s knitwear could be a highly coveted niche? 1x1Studio is helmed by Taiwanese designer Yi Ling Kuo, who won the FDC Young Designer Award in 2017 and the Ones to Watch Award by Fashion Scout in 2019.

Pushing the boundaries of woven and knitted designs, Yi Ling Kuo aims to bring something different to each collection, primarily creating different textile approaches to standard materials.

2. We11Done

Photo: News from Berwick

We11Done is a South Korean design duo that challenges gender stereotypes in fashion. Offering a broad range of products for both men and women, their unique interplay of male and female aesthetics has placed them ahead of the pack in the industry.

With fans like Justin Beiber and Billie Eilish and a massive K-pop star following, Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung are among the hottest menswear designers to come out of Seoul today.

3. Kozaburo

Photo: Hypebeast

Kozaburo Akasaka creates the perfect example of rockstar aesthetics. Growing up in 1990s Japan, the designer is heavily influenced by Japanese punk culture, New York, and London’s grunge and punk subcultures, creating his signature looks of leather jackets, oversized metal zippers, and effortlessly cool silhouettes.

Having worked at Thom Browne in New York, Kozaburo perfectly merges exquisite tailoring with rockstar essentials to create incredible looks for his androgynous silhouettes.

4. Ahluwalia

Photo: Fashion United

Ahluwalia is a menswear brand by Priya Ahluwalia, based in London. And won the 2019 A & M Design Award and was a 2020 LVMH Prize finalist. Known for using upcycled and sustainable fabrics, Ahluwalia takes inspiration from her dual Nigerian and Indian heritage to craft clothes that reflect her unique background.

With pieces stocked at over 40 stores worldwide, her distinct streetwear collections perfectly combine high-quality craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.

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5. Young n Sang

Photo: Hypebeast

Young n Sang was established in 2018 by designer couple Sanglim and Young-shin, which explains the brand’s name. Known for its sustainability and avantgarde signature silhouettes, this menswear brand features a DIY approach to its production. Owing to their very own atelier to create their products, they have a vintage-inspired direction merged with vivid colors and unique silhouettes.

The winner of two of CFDA’s competitions in 2015, they’re best known in the US for their NFL collaboration, where they designed a football for the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary.

6. Wisdom

Photo: Wisdom Clothing

Vietnamese brand Wisdom oozes mystery and an effortlessly cool image. Minimalist and functional, what started as an urban streetwear brand has now transformed into a brand that aims for the market of world travelers.

With a strong military influence, their pieces have distinct features such as storage spaces, lightweight fabrics, and eco-friendly materials. They also always have cuts and patterns that allow for agility and mobility.

Overall, luxury menswear is no longer just about suits, jackets, trousers, and even in accessories like belts and bags; it has become just as varied and experimental as womenswear. With more and more men all over the world embracing style and fashion, it comes as no surprise that the exclusive and elusive world of dominant menswear designers is now peppered with emerging talents from different parts of the world, with Asia being a hotbed of these incredible creatives.

From the rockstar appeal of Kozaburo to Young n Sang’s avantgarde silhouettes to the military looks of Wisdom, the heritage-packed collections of Ahluwalia, 1x1Studio’s distinct men’s knitwear, and We11Done’s colorful aesthetics, Asia’s luxury menswear industry is set to make waves on the global stage.

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Featured Image by Habitus Living