Blend Furniture: Timeless Elegance in Furniture and Homeware Design

When it comes to providing an exceptional range of stylish high-end home brands, Egyptian furniture, and homeware company Blend Furniture, stands out in the marketplace. Launched onto the interior design scene in 2012, with its first showroom in Nasr City, Cairo the company has now expanded with three additional showrooms spread across the city. And the demand for their unique products is still growing amongst its devoted fans.

The company supplies an impressive selection of high-quality exclusive pieces for the home. Staples include sofas, chairs, and armchairs as well as coffee tables, dining chairs and tables, bar stools, desks, lighting, and fireplaces all in both modern and contemporary style. Each item is guaranteed to be of superior standard and their quest is to cover every need for their customer’s home including developing entire systems and including all accessories for every project. Their goal is to deliver premium personal service leading to a stress-free process as they fit out homes with their beautiful and exclusive items.

Blend Furniture is committed to retaining its leading position in the Egyptian interior design scene. The company’s team of experts keeps a close eye on current market trends, constantly adapting its range of products and services while demonstrating their ability to anticipate the needs and tastes of their customers. They also aim to maintain their mark of quality and experience in providing timeless pieces that will truly stand the test of time.

While the company is focused on offering some of the best design brands in the world, especially created by leading designers in Europe, Blend Furniture also prides itself on encouraging and supporting local talent. They are constantly seeking out new designers and taking part in collaborations with Egyptian designers and innovators. This way they pledge to give greater prominence to talented stars of the future who would otherwise find it difficult to break into what is a highly competitive field.

They are also well aware that due to the increased reach and importance of the internet and social media, customers have more exposure to design trends that are happening all around the world. This gives them the opportunity to be more experimental with their selections, ultimately delivering a wider variety of products and services as well as better customisation. It also means they are more likely to avoid mass-produced items. As a whole, this means that Blend Furniture are in a strong position to deliver an exceptional array of products and services that serve their customers’ every need and finding perfect solutions for their homes.

Blend Furniture’s motto of ‘Timeless Elegance’ is perfectly illustrated in all its showrooms which are set up to provide inspiration for every customer and show off each piece to its best advantage as well as showcasing entire collections. This dedication to creating the perfect blend of furniture for each home while delivering world-class design and the highest of standards always has resulted in the company being chosen for a prestigious award. They have been selected by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware in Egypt for 2021. A well-deserved accolade for their unique sense of design and creativity in delivering exclusive solutions for their customers.

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