Ceylon Investment Group: Sri Lanka’s Premiere Luxury Property Market Realtors

The island paradise of Sri Lanka offers myriad holiday opportunities with its stunning scenery, including spectacular sandy beaches, making the country one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world. What makes the premise more attractive is the excellent and well-developed property market offering a range of accommodations for both residents and visitors. Ceylon Investment Group (Pvt) Ltd (CIG) leads the local industry with its exceptional market knowledge and supreme standards of client service. 

The company is located in the heart of the historic Galle Fort and specializes in selling, leasing, and marketing luxury holiday bungalows and villas. It can also assist in sourcing land suitable for developing such properties. Since its launch in 2005, Ceylon Investment Group (Pvt) Ltd has shown dedication to excellence in customer service and professional responsibility. The company maintains its longstanding reputation as being among the best real estate agencies in the region. 

CIG specializes in offering properties situated around the island’s southern coast and in the country’s lush mountains. With years of experience in the luxury real estate market, their successful and efficient operations have truly benefited both the real estate market and the tourism industry in Sri Lanka since their inception. As a pioneer in buying and selling a wide range of luxury residential and commercial properties, including high-end villas, CIG has set new standards of professionalism and high-quality service. 

The company works resolutely to grow its expertise. At the same time, CIG provides its customers, whether residents or guests, with even more high-level services. All clients are treated with the utmost care with their team of specialists listening carefully to the wishes of buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords alike. Their goal is to fully understand their dreams and desires to offer solutions that meet their every expectation. Most of their deals have exceeded client expectations with their flawless performance, achieving perfect results. 

Their multi-faceted skillset includes real estate maintenance, leasing, property management (residential and commercial properties), and valuation studies. These capabilities all add to an impressive, complete package of services to fulfill every property need for each client. 

Today Ceylon Investment Group (Pvt) Ltd helps people from all over the world find their dream homes situated in the most beautiful parts of Sri Lanka. With its dedication to excellence in the wide-ranging real estate marketing in Sri Lanka, CIG has been widely recognized by the international travel and property market as the winner of several awards. And that winning stance continues with further acknowledgment of their achievements. Experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards have also chosen CIG as a winner of the Best Luxury Real Estate Agency in Sri Lanka – another accolade for an outstanding real estate company. 

Find out more about Ceylon Investment Group (Pvt) Ltd and the details of their services here https://ceylonrealestate.com/