A Coffee Experience Like Never Before At Starbucks Dewata Bali

They say if you want to know the real value of something, you should discover its history – where it came from, what it had gone through, what it took to become what it is. And for the many coffee-worshipping folks like us, that is the experience you can expect to have at Bali’s Starbucks Dewata Sanctuary.

This newly opened store is among the 158 “Reserves” of the famous American coffee chain (from the more than 29,000 franchises worldwide). Unlike their typical stores, Starbucks Reserves offer customers the chance to be immersed in a seed-to-coffee journey through a new experiential store concept. At Dewata, you can plant your own seeds in the coffee-tree nursery and take coffee tasting and coffee preparation lessons. The expansive facility also features a 100-square meter plantation of Arabica coffee as well as an interactive digital wall where you can take part in a virtual coffee-planting session.

Designed in partnership with local artisans, the store’s well-thought interior tells the story of coffee in Indonesia.

The choice of location for the company’s largest Southeast Asian store is by no means accidental. In addition to being a thriving tourism hub, Indonesia has a long-standing relationship with the Starbucks brand. According to CEO, Kevin Johnson, they have been importing coffee from the country since 1971 and is now the biggest buyer of Arabica coffee in Indonesia. Starbucks has recently opened a Farmer Support System in Sumatra which, with the help of Starbucks franchise in Indonesia, have donated more than 300,000 coffee seedlings to local farmers in addition to providing technical support.

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A nursery facility allows customers to plant their own coffee seeds and learn about the making of their beloved beverage.

Starbucks Dewata expresses its connection to the Indonesian heritage in its physical features as well. The store’s unique design was inspired by the traditional Balinese houses, and its spectacular interiors were crafted in partnership with local artisans. Inside the store, an intricate wooden artwork portrays the six regions of Indonesia where the country’s coffee are grown. Its one-of-a-kind multi-layered Reserve bar depicts Bali’s terraced fields. A mural, dedicated to hardworking farmers from whom the store’s coffee are sourced, can be found alongside the plantation. The sanctuary’s 100 or so workers, which Starbucks refer to as “partners,” are also from the island’s local community.

Starbucks Dewata Sanctuary is located along Jl. Sunset Road, in Bali’s beach resort area of Seminyak.

Images courtesy of www.instagram.com/starbucksdewata