Classy, Exquisite, Serene; Welcome To Villa Assava Phuket

Stunning, breathtaking, and elegant are all worthy descriptions of the Villa Assava, the true epitome of luxurious living, urban architecture, and picturesque greens fused into one magical residence. This lavish property is the newest addition to The Private World’s collection of private luxury villas. Located in the world-class Bann Yamu estate and seated atop an evergreen hillside domineered by winsome tropical trees, Villa Assava is a 5-bedroom masterpiece. Aside from providing an occupancy allowance sufficiently capable of housing 12 guests, here’s what else you can look forward to in this luxurious retreat:

A look at the exterior

The exterior is an oasis of divine nature with an infinity pool providing you with your very own share of cool and serene waters to keep you busy during blistering summer months. An endearing sunken sala on the pool’s edge proves a simple and winsome space alluringly filled by velvet-red chairs perfect for unwinding and sit-downs with friends. Speaking of whom, the property’s outside arsenal is built for keeping visitors busy. Its social artillery includes a simmering Jacuzzi for beating those gripping cold months and a barbecue grill serviced by the country’s finest talents in the culinary arts. Additionally, a personal bar provides you with a secluded haven for alcoholic treats while a state-of-the-art library avails an abundance of quiet to get some work done unperturbed. There is a team of four dedicated staff comprising of experienced professionals who’ll ensure that you and all the aforementioned amenities are always in good shape.

The villa’s exterior exhibits an elegant, modern-minimalist look. A sunken pool-side sala stands out with its velvet-red cushions.

However, the best part about the front yard isn’t the well-constructed cobbled pavements that welcome you home, rather the panoramic views that greet you every time you step outside. The poolside furniture is well poised staring into a gorgeous horizon of blue skies overflowing with wavy white clouds racing about their business. Enchanting turquoise waters spread out as far as the eye can see with distant peaks of enticing islands beautifully strutting the water body further adding to the appeal of the landscape. With fairytale dawns and dusks that are so surreal, Villa Assava’s outlook can be summed up as quite mesmerizing.

Delving inside

Venturing inwards, you’ll instantly notice that the walls are devoid of any paintings or portraits and rightly so. The clear glass two-story build provides a front row seat to the necklacing embrace of Mother Nature availing amazing scenes from within your home which would not be possible with such obstacles littering the walls. The property has a total of two master bedrooms both, en suite, encompassing everything required to adeptly double up as a private spa-like space, spare office, and second living room.

A mesmerizing floating staircase connects the atrium’s upper deck to the kitchen, living, and dining areas below.

From an immersive flat screen TV and a king size bed to an air-conditioned space equipped with various accessories for your early morning routine, the bedrooms are a joy, to say the least. The master bedrooms and three additional guest bedrooms are a multipackage deal of comfort and convenience providing scintillating sea and poolside views. There is also a fourth guest bedroom which brings the villa’s tally to six that is predominantly a spa room with a pair of massage beds which can be swapped out for a king size bed if need be. The third and fourth bedroom stand overlooking the vibrant vegetation of the garden area.

Special glass material makes the villa’s walls appear tinted from the outside – but allows crystal-clear views from the inside.

At the heart of the residence is a glamorous central atrium that is divided into the kitchen, dining and living sections. The transparent boundaries ensure the indoors and outside coexist in beautiful synergy while the combination of black and white shades gives the interior that urban touch of modernity. Rustic wood reinforcements further provide a welcomed break from the monochromatic patterns. Horizontal and vertical lines alluringly hide a floating staircase to one side that provides passage between the two floors.

Other perks

Villa Assava’s enchanting beauty is only matched by its abundance in all the prerequisite nitty-gritty necessary for a luxurious modern-day home. Moreover, its strategic location in a secure gated community that is manned and protected all through the day and night is also commendable.

An entire wall section of the central atrium opens up to the villa’s infinity pool, fragranced by the blossoms of a lone Leelawadee.

The Royal Phuket Marina and Phuket International Airport are just a short drive away making the area well accessible by both land and sea. A gym, bars, and restaurants are found within estate limits as well. An international shopping center is just around the corner not too far away from a golf and tennis court. In a nutshell, the Villa Assava provides the complete high-end living package that ticks all the right boxes, the perfect hideaway for your luxury retreat in Phuket.

This article was produced in partnership with The Private World.

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