The Cullinan: Rolls Royce’s First SUV Model Is Redefining Standards

Rolls Royce has made a name for itself with its chubby limousine-esque royalty vehicles so when word broke out that the first ever SUV by the carmaker was in the pipeline, anticipation reached fever pitch as many waited to see what the company would do with the niche. That said, it would be an understatement to say that the Cullinan has met expectations because it blows many of its kind right out of the water. Reeking of opulence and generous in style, read on to find out how the latest model of Rolls Royce is setting the pace for luxury SUV vehicles.

The exterior

Boasting a default glossy and sumptuous single-shaded hue, the Cullinan means business from the get-go. It takes on an endearing outline quite reminiscent of the long-nose layout of the lineage albeit a little shorter and with a wider, curvy rear quarter. The vehicle is rife with the handcrafted quality that has become a trademark of the brand with silvery streaks, gorgeous detailing and the customary Rolls Royce moniker adding a touch of diversity to break up the dominance of the lone color.

The inside

The outside display is lovely but the interior is certainly where all the magic happens. Boasting a driver vantage that has long been a preserve of HGV drivers, the Cullinan offers good front and rear visibility, the latter aspect aided by strategically placed cameras, sensors and deep engulfing windows. Nicely stitched tender leather takes over the seats while huge slabs of wood echo around the surfaces which encompass an adept audio system and touch screens for the back seats. Speaking of which, the rear incorporates plenty of leg room that dips into some of the boot space.


A turbo-charged V12 engine makes for nice reading on the speed and acceleration scales but what stands out most however certainly has to be the ride quality. Unrivaled in comfort and incomparably quiet, it’s hard to even make out whether the engine is running or not which goes to show just how effective the soundproofing is. What’s more, the model incorporates an all-wheel-drive capability- a first for the company- making it capable of handling whatever off-terrains throw its way.

Practicality and space

The electrically closed ‘coach’ doors afford a slice of customary Rolls Royce delight revealing a back layout that can be customized into either a pair of individual chairs or a trio of conventional seats. The former option comes with the bonus of a fridge-cum-drinks-cabinet that submerges seamlessly into a center console which splits the back row in half.

While the back takes up some of the luggage space, that by no means suggests that boot capacity is small as it provides sufficient allowance and a large tailgate that particularly reminds you of the Range Rover. Completing the inside show is a glass partition sandwiched between the rear and the luggage section that ensures passengers are shielded from outdoor weather when the boot is open.

The automobile giant has done extremely well in its maiden dip into the large and heavyweight category as the newest SUV kid on the block carries the flag ever so higher redefining the already high standards of elegance and performance set by the classy carmaker. We would expect nothing less of a car named after the largest uncut diamond that sits among the treasures of the UK’s Crown Jewels.

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