Uribe + Arquitectos Studio: Merging Mexican Tradition With Contemporary Elements for Luxury Modern Living

When it comes to designing a comprehensive range of buildings in the residential and commercial property market, Uribe + Arquitectos Studio has been responsible for delivering some of the most iconic residential, commercial, and multi-living dwellings now gracing the Mexican skyline. The company completely embraces Mexican tradition while also introducing contemporary elements and materials to produce the perfect balance of old and new present in all its projects.

The chosen materials, the combination of traditional brick, and the glazed or modern metal installations all attribute to the firm’s design jurisdiction. These techniques are commonly seen in projects like MC Design Studio and the residential Casa Estudio OM. It all creates a satisfactory symbiosis that the company has become renowned for. The nuances of Mexican architecture are illustrated in every build, from chimney details to colonial-style roofing, which can be combined with modern glazed walls and creative contemporary lighting.

Photo: Yoshihiro Koitani

The experienced team at Uribe + Arquitectos Studio is committed to in-depth initial consultations with every client. They take time to understand the end user’s demands for the finished product. This focus results in a carefully curated space to match and even often exceeds client expectations. The firm’s dedication to its craft has resulted in the creation of its exceptional portfolio of beautifully designed properties that genuinely represent the needs and desires of the owner while also offering all the practicalities and versatility of modern design. The firm’s eye for detail has seen the team successfully undertake over 20 iconic domestic projects spread across Mexico.

The perfect example of how the experts at Uribe + Arquitectos Studio have transformed their client’s brief and vision into a unique contemporary home with traditional twists can be seen at The Troop Residence. Their goal with this project was to create an extensive dwelling making the best use of the space available to deal with the practicalities of modern family living. They came up with a luxury space that makes the most of the natural light and maximizes indoor and outdoor space functionality.

Photo: Yoshihiro Koitani

Externally, the property is finished in contemporary white plaster that is synonymous with traditional Mexican homes. This design is juxtaposed with modern metal columns supporting a brise soleil that provides cooling shade to escape the heat of the day and maximize outside leisure areas.

Internal finishes include luxury deep wood flooring and stylish stone plinths, which also help to bounce the light around the high ceilinged central living area. The expansive windows are designed to utilize natural light, and partition walls have been cleverly used to create intimate spaces within the open plan living areas.

Photo: Yoshihiro Koitani

When it comes to commercial design, the MC Design Store illustrates how Uribe + Arquitectos Studio has cleverly worked to create the necessary multiple-use areas. The project called for a combination of office, studio, and showroom space that would suit the needs of the creative team using them. The company’s experts have made a design statement with a mix of white-painted brick details and modern grey plaster finishes and created an elegant focal point by connecting the upper and ground floor spaces with a curved staircase. Constructed of striking grey metal, it invites users to explore every level and the different areas of the building. Externally, the traditional plaster is given a modern twist with the addition of calming lavender hints.

Photo: Yoshihiro Koitani

The extensive and growing portfolio of Uribe + Arquitectos Studio has captured the attention of the panel of experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Their ability to design exceptional modern luxury spaces ideally suited to their intended use has set the company on high at the top of their industry. This is why they have been specially selected as the recipient of the Best Luxury Architect Studio in Mexico Award.

Find out more about Uribe + Arquitectos Studio and connect with them directly via www.uribearquitectos.com