Discover Phuket’s First and Only Michelin Star Restaurant – PRU

As the famed Michelin Guide continues to extend beyond the boundaries of its traditional regions, this year, the spotlight moves towards the southern provinces of Thailand, including the island of Phuket. And after sweeping through its numerous world-class restaurants, it was the exceptional culinary offerings, quality service, and innovative farm-to-table dining concept that earned PRU its highly coveted Michelin star – Phuket’s first and only.

The innovative farm-to-table fine dining concept

PRU, which stands for “plant, raise, understand,” is nestled inside the Trisara Resort in Naithon Beach area. Even before receiving the award, the resort has been known for having one of the most glamorous selection of luxury villas in Phuket. This year it stakes a claim on the culinary stage as well.

The restaurant takes the farm-to-table concept to another level by preparing their dishes using 100% local ingredients sourced from around the island, mostly from the resort’s own Pru Jampa farm situated northeast of Phuket.

Farming organically and sustainably, the menu of PRU would surely feature dishes made from familiar ingredients like kale and Phuket lobster, but Ophorst made it more interesting and unexpected by using unusual ingredients like sea grapes and pine needles.

Western cuisine infused with local touches

PRU’s culinary style is inspired by Western influences combined with the exotic and adventurous local cuisine. They offer sumptuous six and eight-course menus, and a special six-course menu for vegetarians. Featuring wines that are organic, natural, and biodynamic, PRU’s wine list is also a toast to the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability.


Giving you an exceptional dining experience, each dish is beautifully presented and well-trained waiters describe each dish and tell you where it was sourced from as they serve it. The food is also served at a good pace, ensuring a delightful culinary journey to even the most discerning diners.

A sophisticated yet homey ambiance

Being tucked inside one of the top resorts in Phuket surely gives PRU a luxurious appeal to it, but the restaurant itself presents an ambiance that is just as sophisticated. The classy interior design of PRU exudes elegance but at the same time gives the restaurant a comforting homey atmosphere.

Setting the mood is the restaurant’s impressive lighting and its combination of Thai and Western design accents. Comfortable outdoor seating is also made available so that guests also have the option to dine al fresco.

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A chef and a visionary

This award also speaks volumes for the sheer dedication and undeniable talent of Chef Jim Ophorst, PRU’s chef de cuisine. Young and ambitious, Ophorst’s phenomenal rise to success impressed his management so much that he was asked to create a fine dining restaurant concept and gave him complete control over the kitchen. This was when he came up with the idea to redefine fine dining with the launching of PRU.

Address:  60/1 Moo 6, Srisoonthorn Rd., Cherngtalay, Phuket

Images courtesy of Pru Restaurant and Trisara Phuket