Exclusivity and Unadulterated Pampering Delivered at Villa Akatsuki Koh Samui

Merging the aesthetics and sensibilities of Japan and Thailand cultures, Villa Akatsuki presents a serene and relaxing setting that will leave you rejuvenated after your much-deserved tropical holiday.

Located on Lipa Noi, or more popularly known as Sunset Beach, on Thailand’s second most popular tourist island, Koh Samui, Villa Akatsuki delivers spectacular beachfront views of the Gulf of Thailand, which includes commanding views of the famous Five Islands.

A luxurious private getaway, the villa is available on exclusive hire all year-round, giving guests unadulterated privacy and comfort, unique pampering, and all the freedom to enjoy and bask under the warm, tropical climate of Koh Samui.

A total of 3 family suites are on offer at the villa, each with a connecting kids’ room, creating separate areas so parents can enjoy each other’s company in a private space while also being close enough to watch the kids. Two guest bedrooms are also available, with the villa’s maximum capacity of 15 guests.

Master Bedroom featuring full view of the beach

With exclusive use of the property come exclusive 5-star services from the villa’s committed team of staff members, which include: a villa manager, 7 staff that cover housekeeping, maintenance, and butler services, an on-hand masseuse, as well as an executive chef. All-day security is also provided in this gated property.

Aerial shot showing 3-tier pool cutting lengthwise across the property

Villa Akatsuki’s centerpiece is its multi-tiered cascading infinity pool, placed in the middle of the property, where the suites surround its deck and lounge. A shallow pool for kids is available, with a shaded deck for parents.

An impressive feature of one of the pools is the bronzed body contour reflective beds, submerged in water for those who want to sunbathe while enjoying cooler lounging.

Beachfront setting showing the pristine white sands of Lipa Noi

With the pristine beach right in front, dipping in the pool with a cocktail in hand makes for the perfect way to relax while watching a Koh Samui sunset.

Complimentary breakfast is served on the daily, with meals and special culinary requests made at an additional cost, prepared by the villa’s exclusive private chef. Cooking classes can also be arranged at the villa’s fully-equipped US kitchen.

The Spa with onsen feature and a garden

Aside from the perfect white-sand beach and spectacular infinity pools, among the amenities to be enjoyed at Villa Akatsuki include a spa room with a large heated whirlpool; a fitness gym with floor-to-ceiling glass windows offering pool and garden views; a games room; its very own outdoor basketball court, an a TV Room complete with an entertainment and sound system that includes a 65” Panasonic flat screen Apple TV with over a 100 channels to choose from.

On the beach are blue and white striped beach loungers, so you can enjoy a quiet nap at the beach, or read a good book while the sounds of waves create a relaxing backdrop. Kayak riding, beach volleyball, and snorkeling are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed at Villa Akatsuki, while the villa manager can arrange off-site activities.

All these facilities and service amenities puts the villa as one of the most top-rated luxury villas in Koh Samui

When looking for a place to enjoy your tropical holiday vacation with family and loved ones, an exclusive property with 5-star services can give you more than just exclusivity and privacy – but also experiences of a lifetime and a chance to truly enjoy each other’s company.

Villa Akatsuki’s luxurious retreat serves more than just exclusive pampering and services but provides you and your family the ultimate accommodation to create lasting memories.

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