Top 10 Luxury Villa Rentals in Koh Samui

When considering a tropical holiday in the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand, the ultimate way to enjoy the spoils of the island is by staying in an exclusive luxury private villa.

With amazing locations on clifftops, beachfronts, and lush jungles, private villas in Koh Samui make full use of the island’s natural beauty. With no expense spared, most of these villas offer a wide array of facilities and amenities that guests can indulge in. Among these features include private infinity pools, cinema rooms, your very own spa and sauna, fitness facilities, a private beach, and of course, impeccable, personalized services from in-house staff that make all the difference.

So without further adieu, we’ve rounded up the best private villas for you and your family’s much deserved Koh Samui holiday. We present to you, the top 10 luxury villa rentals in Koh Samui:

Villa Anavaya

Talk about modern luxury. Villa Anavaya perfectly merges contemporary style with marvelous views of Koh Samui’s western coast. Boasting incredible sunsets, you can watch the entire sky transform into many different hues during your stay. 

Villa Anavaya’s open-plan living and dining space as seen from the villa’s pool area

Sitting on the highest elevation of a private villa estate in Choeng Mon, guests can find 6 beautiful bedrooms that can accommodate a total of 14 guests. With a private chef, 5 in-house staff, and plenty of features that make it a holiday home, it’s the epitome of a private luxury villa. Among these features include an open-air Jacuzzi, an L-shaped saltwater infinity pool that seems to merge with the waters of the ocean, and a secret spot in the form of a rooftop lounge with a 360-degree view of the beautiful coastline.

Villa Sangkachai

Located within the very same estate as Villa Anavaya is Villa Sangkachai. With its 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, Villa Sangkachai offers a splendid retreat for up to 10 guests. 

An aerial photo of Villa Sangkachai in Koh Samui.

Another contemporary offering with unforgettable views of Koh Samui’s western coast, the villa was designed by award-winning architect, Gary Tell. With features and amenities spread out across 3 levels, the villa offers a wide selection of incredible spots for both relaxation and entertainment. Take for example the game room where you can enjoy a round of pool or the adjacent private home theater, where you can cozy up and enjoy a movie or two. Or perhaps the L-shaped infinity pool, with plenty of area around it for some swimming and sunbathing.

With a beautiful setting, gorgeous architecture and interiors, and a complete list of facilities to enjoy. Villa Sangkachai is a beautiful respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Villa Akatsuki

Akatsuki is a Japanese term for “dawn”. Located in Lipa Noi on the eastern coast of the island, it’s a much peaceful retreat from the rest of the crowded localities. With the softest white sand and the bluest of waters only steps away from the villa, there’s no question that Villa Akatsuki is indeed a beautiful beachfront property that will have you waking up to the sound of waves in the morning.

Villa Akatsuki’s gorgeous Lipa Noi beachfront

With 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and the capacity to house 12 guests, Villa Akatsuki features a 3-tier infinity pool that serves as the highlight of the property. The villa is actually a compound of individual bungalows and 2-storey buildings that surround the gorgeous pool, offering even more private spots for guests to enjoy the property. The rooms are found on the individual bungalows to one side of the pool area, while the main facilities of the villa are spread out on the opposite side. Such facilities include a spa, a spacious living area, a grand dining room, a TV room, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

Villa Malabar

A peaceful sanctuary located on the southern coast of Koh Samui, Villa Malabar is an expansive property that offers direct access to its beach. Nestled in Laem Sor, Villa Malabar surely delivers if you’re looking for a serene location by the beach.

Stately coconut trees, green grass and sun loungers surround Villa Malabar’s pool deck


Villa Malabar features a living-dining area that opens from all sides for seamless access to the outdoors.

Compared to most villas on the island, which are either perched on cliffs and feature multi-levels, Villa Malabar sets itself apart by making full use of the land with its horizontal profile. With 5 bedrooms and 2 kid’s rooms, it’s the perfect place for families to enjoy. An infinity pool is found on its vast manicured garden, complete with a shallow area for children so parents feel at peace while their kids are having a grand time in the pool.

With a minimal yet elegant overall design, Villa Malabar gracefully melds into its beautiful surroundings.

Villa The View

Villa The View says it all. With its name comes the very reason why the villa is called such, its remarkable views of the southwestern coast of Koh Samui will surely take your breath away. Perched on a cliff with a private beach below it, this multi-storey villa features 5 bedrooms with 1 kid’s room, 6 bathrooms, and can host a party of 14 people.

Aerial view of Villa The View and its surrounding landscape

Stunning coastline panorama as seen from one of Villa The View’s bedrooms

Far from the frantic activity of the island’s tourist spots, Villa The View offers a peaceful and relaxing abode that is much deserved by its guests. Each of the bedrooms has a balcony which means guests don’t have to step outside of their rooms to marvel at the beautiful landscape that surrounds them.

With an outdoor Jacuzzi, infinity pool, poolside bar, and plenty of spots to lounge around, Villa The View is your much needed tranquil escape.

Villa Asan

Located in Taling Ngam, Villa Asan’s seclusion from the crowded spots of Koh Samui means only one thing: peace and serenity. A beachfront property that boasts of carefully curated furnishings and interior details, Villa Asan feels more of a luxury home rather than a mere accommodation on a tropical island.

Villa Asan from above

Villa Asan features an al fresco-style dining area with a relaxing view of the pool area and the beach beyond.

There are 5 bedrooms in the villa, located on 5 different structures that frame around the beautiful infinity pool on the center of the property. With a beachfront open pavilion, sunbeds, and a Jacuzzi, guests can lay around the whole day in the property and forget the rest of the world.

Each of the rooms have private terraces, a lounge area, and terrazzo bathtubs which are features that truly make staying at Villa Asan an unforgettable experience.

Villa Praana

Imagine staying at a grand private villa that’s located within a lush jungle, offering you unbelievable views of the mountains. Well, this place doesn’t just live in one’s imagination, but it comes to life in the form of Villa Praana. Located in Bophut, Villa Praana offers everything you need for an indulgent holiday and so much more.

The private villa features its very own outdoor boxing ring, a private tennis court, a home theater with business class seats, and get this, a nightclub with professional lights and sounds. The perfect place for a family or a group of 12, the villa features 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, and served by a total of 20 in-house staff.

A lush jungle landscape surrounds Villa Praana

Floor to ceiling glass windows allow natural light to flood Villa Praana’s living area

With 2 infinity pools, a children’s playroom, a fitness gym, a steam and sauna room, and all the modern comforts of a luxury property, Villa Praana is Koh Samui indulgence at its finest.

Villa Hin

Villa Hin is located on a hillside and that can only mean one thing: grand views of the ocean and sky. Located in a private villa estate in Choeng Mon, Villa Hin is a luxurious getaway with an infinity pool, cinema room, and a beautiful rooftop garden and lounge area with a 360-view of the surrounding landscape. 

Villa Hin’s living area is located right by the pool for easy and convenient access to the pool deck.

But what makes Villa Hin stand out among all the other private villas in Koh Samui is its unique approach to its architecture. Instead of resisting the natural environment that it sits on, it embraces the natural beauty that surrounds it. You can see the trees being part of the aesthetics, as well as the gentle slopes of the land, and even the natural rocks of the cliff are used to add function and design to the property.


Featuring 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and the capacity to accommodate 10 guests, Villa Hin is an exquisite retreat that will immediately make you feel at home.

Villa Inasia

Villa Inasia is located in an exclusive part of Lipa Noi, offering guests a contemporary, luxurious and tranquil getaway set on a gorgeous beach. It has 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and can accommodate a group of 18 guests.

The property is more of a compound with its multiple detached structures. There are two main structures that house the guest rooms. One promises stunning ocean views, while the other is conveniently located at the beachfront. Other structures in the property house the common areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and other facilities.

Villa Inasia’s Pool Area

With an infinity pool and the beach only steps away, privacy and luxury is truly at your service at Villa Inasia.

Villa Sairee

The most unique out of the villas on this list, Villa Sairee definitely sets itself apart with its architecture, aesthetics, and interiors. First off, the property is vast, covering 3 acres of beachfront land. An infinity pool is located in the middle of the manicured palm tree garden, creating the ultimate tropical beachfront yard.

A total of 9 rooms are found in Villa Sairee, with the capacity to welcome 18 guests. There are two Ayutthaya-style wooden pavilions, each housing the sophisticated common areas and bedrooms. Perched high on large wooden posts, the bedrooms and common areas are found on the upper floors while wide, open spaces below are used as lounge areas where tropical sea breeze provides gentle gusts of wind.

With very little use of concrete, structures spread apart, and expansive spaces, Villa Sairee is your much deserved tropical refuge.

And there you have it, the top 10 private luxury villas in Koh Samui that will truly make for an unforgettable private villa experience.


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