Family-Friendly Villa Holiday Guide

Lounging by a glorious infinity pool looking out to a serene vista has all the hallmarks of a luxury villa holiday. However, if part of that picture-perfect image is a vacation with kids, parents or other members of your family, then you need to make a few adjustments to create the idyllic getaway for all.

Relaxing with children may sound like an oxymoron, but it can be achieved, and a villa stay can also be a deeply rewarding experience for adult children to take with their older parents or other family members. The first task is to pick the right villa in the best location.


Top 3 Tips on Choosing a Family-Friendly Villa

1. Be Practical: Villa stays in gorgeous locations such as on a Thai island or by the beach in Bali, may be dream destinations, but choose where you go wisely. Children may want to be near the beach and older parents may not want a steep walk down to the beach or a drive to a bay from a hilltop. Do you want isolation or to be close to restaurants and shops? What facilities and activities do you need on site to keep everybody happy?

2. Look at the Villa Layout: How many levels is a villa rental on and where are the bedrooms situated? A room too far from a master bedroom may not suit if you have young ones staying over. On the other hand, villas that separate the bedrooms more may be preferable with adult groups who want privacy. Are there balconies and en suite bathrooms? Are the living spaces on ground level, and if not are they easy to reach, and how far are they from any children’s bedrooms? You buy a house with a layout to match your lifestyle, so do the same with a vacation villa rental.

3. Work Out What Everyone Wants: Every member of the family has a different idea of what a holiday looks and feels like. A beachside oasis in a secluded spot may work for everyone if there are enough in-villa facilities. However, if the general consensus is to be able to relax in the villa and venture out by foot in the evenings then this changes your villa selection. Do you want a games room, gym, and in-villa cinema or TV room? Would you prefer bigger outdoor spaces, such as al fresco dining and lounging terraces? What about spa facilities, location, and activities nearby?


Once you have booked your luxury villa stay, make the most of your time away together and follow our Family-Friendly Villa Holiday Guide.

Take siestas – To enjoy the days and the evenings, avoid the early afternoons and heat exhaustion when the sun is high and take an afternoon nap. This means everyone can stay up that much later for family dinners that are not rushed.

Don’t do too much – It is easy to get excited by a new location and set off on a mission to see and do it all. What starts as an adventure can soon become a tiring expedition with no time to simply ‘be’ and relax. Plan activities and trips every other day or spend more time enjoying what your villa rental has to offer instead.

Establish ground rules – Vacationing with kids is a real treat for them as the routine of family life is suspended. Likewise, a holiday with other family members creates a new dynamic with everyone coming from a different perspective. Make sure everyone what is expected to avoid misunderstandings. If kids’ bedtimes are extended then what time is lights out? If you are going to be dining together in the villa, what time do you all expect to sit down and eat at? What about rules for safety and understanding how to respect each other’s wishes and personal space?

Focus more on the days – Whilst some of your group may enjoy sundowners, gourmet dinners and late night digestifs, keep enough balance to interact well in the daytime too. If you overdo it each evening then you could be cutting down on your family holiday experience.

Keep active – Lounging by the infinity pool is wonderful and dining on sumptuous feasts is divine, but not keeping active can lead to a feeling of stagnation. The danger then is that energy dips and family members can begin to irritate.

Don’t take work with you – Bringing your daily life into a vacation getaway can create stress and tension not just for yourself, but everyone around you. Stay connected if you have to, but enjoy the connection with family rather than remotely working or updating social media.

Plan special moments each day – Whilst the whole point of a villa break is to go with the flow, having a meeting point can give you all something to focus on and look forward to. This might be meet up on a terrace as the sun goes down or coming together for a leisurely lunch. Plans give your time away a little structure so that you can all connect easier.

Take time out – Space is luxury, so share moments and then give each person time to spend along or with other members of the family. Too much time together can be too intense and vacations are also about enjoying a personal getaway too.

Get to know one another – Vacations are a perfect opportunity to learn something new about someone who is so familiar. Everybody has certain interests, ideas, and characteristics that are sometimes not appreciated in the rush of everyday life. Listen and communicate to nourish those relationships.


Author: Lyn Valenzuela

Lyn is a villa specialist at The Luxury Signature – Villas & Homes. She handles both reservations and concierge and is always on the go when it comes to helping guests getting the perfect villa for their holiday.