Harmony in Luxury: Studio MK27’s Award-Winning Patina Maldives and Sustainable Architectural Excellence

Congratulations to Studio MK27, who has just received a 2023 Luxury Lifestyle Awards victory in the Best Luxury Resort Architecture category for their Patina Maldives project situated in the exquisite Fari Islands.

Originating in Sao Paulo, the vibrant heart of Brazil, Studio MK27 was founded in the late 70s by the renowned architect Marcio Koga. As the founding director and mentor of Studio MK27, Kogan holds respected ranks in the AIA, MASP, Politecnico di Milano, and MUBE. Further accolades, such as “Wallpaper’s 150 Famous for 15 Years” and 39th position in Dezeen’s Hot List for 2017, merely scratch the surface of his achievements. 

The Studio’s dedicated team has conveyed a global interpretation of modernism, captivating audiences with a signature simplicity, meticulous attention to detail, and infamous designs proudly led by a quartet of directors.

With over 250 global awards won, including recognition from WAF, the Wallpaper Design Award, and Architectural Review, it is no surprise that the company’s well-deserved reputation precedes them. Their influence in the architectural sphere is evident, from representing Brazil at the Venice Biennale in 2012 to their upcoming presentation at Expo Osaka 2025.

The Patina Maldives is a marvelous oasis where architecture seamlessly blends with nature. Subtle designs and architectural lines, which enhance the environment rather than overpower it, exemplify Studio MK27’s unparalleled vision that created this recent masterpiece. The resort expresses the core of luxury – a fusion of comfort, aesthetics, and acute respect for nature.

Patina Maldives actively triumphs in environmental conservation through initiatives like marine plastic recycling, coral projects, and zero-waste kitchens. Their partnership with the Olive Ridley Project shows the resort’s commitment to marine conservation, as they aim to derive 50% of their energy from solar power by the year 2030 and prioritize sustainable practices and construction by using biodegradable materials and an anti-plastic approach.

To delve into the design philosophy at Studio MK27, visit https://studiomk27.com.br/