Yuan Design: Elevating Interior Excellence to Award-Winning Levels of Luxury

Yuan Design, a highly regarded interior design firm in Southeast Asia, has earned a prestigious 2023 Luxury Lifestyle Awards victory in the category of Best Luxury Interior Visualization and Design for their Classic Revival project in Malaysia.

For the award-winning Classic Revival project situated in Selangor, Yuan Design’s team transformed the client’s vision of a grand English manor-style home into a refined reality. The project features beautiful English paneling with bronze inlay elements, initiating an environment of splendid sophistication under ascending ceilings.

What stands out about this home is the lighting used on the ground floor which features Sputnik lamps, cove lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting, creating a multidimensional radiance reflecting each area with a warm glow. The living room showcases a veined marble television feature wall that charms an appealing depth and visual symmetry with the tiered ceiling.

The first floor features bedrooms for children, each with its own distinctive theme, ensuring each space offers endless imaginative experiences for the young ones. On the second floor, you will find the one-of-a-kind entertainment room with unique design elements such as ocean blue curves with shimmering accents that suggest light dancing across water.

The influence and contribution of Yuan Design on this project were not only for the interior design consultation but also from space planning, 3D visualization, renovation, and carpentry, to detailed project management. Their client-centric approach guarantees that each project is a true reflection of the client’s vision and ambitions, resulting in unique spaces in line with the personalities of the individuals who will occupy them.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards team recognizes Yuan Design’s dedication to creating elegant and opulent interiors that artfully mirror the lifestyles of their clients through collaborative and tailor-made design, alongside their capability to value their clients’ needs. With a substantial portfolio in residential design, it comes as no surprise that they have earned a place among the design industry’s best, a well-deserved achievement!

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