Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Recognizing The Best In The World of Luxury

Luxury Lifestyle Awards has a very simple objective: connecting people to the finest in the world of luxury living. The US-based agency has an international presence in identifying, selecting, promoting, and rewarding companies that excel in providing the best goods and services.

Since their inception, Luxury Lifestyle Awards has evaluated over 10,000 suppliers and service providers from over 60 countries. Based on an in-depth analysis, the team behind the awards provides a list of the best brands in the world. With 400 different categories that run the gamut from luxury hotels and resorts to roller ball pens and baby strollers, the coverage is impressively quite expansive.

The agency focuses not only on the staple statements of wealth such as cars, watches, and yachts. It also shines the spotlight on non-tangible luxury industries such as concierge services, high-end wedding planners, private jet charters, and more. The list also adapts to the latest trends, including categories such as Eco Luxury, Innovations For Luxury Brands, and Luxury Experience.

What it means to be granted the award

Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognizes both big-shot global brands as well as small-scale local companies. Essentially, the awards are given to those who stand out for their zeal for perfection and determination to deliver top-quality goods and services that reset the standards for the industry.

In addition to exclusive promotional packages, Luxury Lifestyle Award winners also receive a special certificate and trophy.

Winners do not only enjoy the exclusive promotional packages on offer, but the award also solidifies the credibility of the brand. It provides a pedestal where the company is recognized both by their target market and other players in the industry. Awardees also experience a strong increase in brand loyalty from patrons and establish relationships within the community of leading luxury brands.

How it works

An international team of experts coming from different fields nominates and assesses each entry in an extensive 7-day evaluation. Companies may also apply for their own nomination.

Every company that receives the award gets to use the winner logos and symbols in their advertisement and PR materials. The winners also receive gold crown trophies, official winner certificates, and merchandising materials.

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