The Private World: Luxury Villa Rentals For The Elite Traveler

A luxury villa rental company, The Private World brings you the finest holiday villas with magnificent views and unique experiences to tickle the taste buds of top-class travelers. From pleasure- seeking friends looking for that unforgettable vacation to traveling families hoping for an opulent home away from home, The Private World leaves no one behind. Through an experienced team with an eye for topnotch quality, villas and home rentals are extensively curated to separate the wheat from the chaff availing only the best of the best across various magical locations throughout Asia.

A collection of state-of-the-art villas in Asia’s top tourist destinations

The Private World’s basket of goodies spans across four destinations the first of which involves an assembly of divine Niseko Chalets from the “Land of the Rising Sun” (Japan). Situated at the foot of beguiling Mount Yotei which is itself a kaleidoscope of breathtaking views, these charming getaways are just but a tip of the enormous iceberg of structural prowess evident across the remaining destinations.

The second and third- which are arguably the most popular of the lot- are Thailand’s well-preserved province of Phuket and the cosmopolitan melting pot that is the divine island of Koh Samui. Both locations avail panoramic views of turquoise waters and well-kempt vegetation including vivacious lawns and indigenous trees not forgetting stunning stretches of beachfront. Tranquil Bali in Indonesia serves up the final chapter also boasting similarly enticing views that have become the very definition of beauty.

Aside from instagrammable picturesque settings, the latter trio also presents all kinds of villas that fuse traditional wood designs- e.g. jugged peaks, overhanging eaves, concave canopies, sunken salas etc. – with contemporary concrete patterns, tiles, flooring, and amenities. Most, if not all, of the options on display, come with the coveted infinity pool that has become the gold standard of modern-day swimming, a fully- equipped kitchen, spacious master and guest bedrooms filled with luxurious necessities, diverse cinema & games rooms, and excellent vantage points staring out into a magical horizon.

The complete villa package encompassing private staff

The company means business when it comes to ensuring you get your own decadent private world, providing not only mesmerizing architecture and jaw-dropping views but also a dedicated lineup of courteous staff. To ensure you’ll only ever need to lift your finger to get the remote, you get your own private chef who has a great mastery of native and global cuisines, housekeepers who ensure everything remains sparkling and spotless, and gardeners who keep everything outside in flawless condition. Moreover, you’ll also get a personal concierge team to assist with planning out fun activities, trips, and recommend attractions in the area. You may also request the presence of security personnel to be stationed outside for your own peace of mind.

Personalized experience guaranteeing utmost privacy

Deviating from a bland exhausted approach to high-end accommodation, the company takes note of what your ideal vacation abode encompasses and aspires to mold it into a reality of bespoke experience. Customizations and detailing are effected according to the blueprint of your preferences as villas steer clear of pre-packaged deals in the knowledge that different guests have varying desires and visions with regards to the perfect vacation.

The other attribute which The Private World prides itself in is privacy which is quite evident from its name. Secluded and hidden away make up the prevailing theme as luxury villas provide tennis courts, spas, fitness centers, cinemas, swimming pools and what not, exclusively catering to occupants of the villa. Nothing is shared with those outside the premises.

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If you’re planning a trip to the wondrous nations of Thailand and Indonesia, The Private World is your go-to dealer for idyllic luxury villa rentals providing the complete holiday package and much more. They have dozens of marvels at their fingertips ensuring you’ll be spoilt for choice and never have to settle for anything less.

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