Luxury, Sustainability, and Community with The Venus Garden Project

Luxury Lifestyle Awards, globally recognized for defining excellence in luxury products and services, has bestowed upon Ousai Venus Garden Properties LTD a title of Best Luxury Mixed-Use Community Development for their Cyprus based project, The Venus Garden Project.

Ousai Venus Garden Properties LTD, a subsidiary of Ousai Properties LTD, is renowned for premium real estate offerings, and specializes in crafting exceptional living spaces designed to upscale the best luxury living standards.

The Venus Garden Project redefines residential development, featuring an array of 11 super villas, 9 townhouses, and 3 apartment buildings seamlessly integrated into a vast 21,000-square-meter landscape. Due to its strategic location, the development offers panoramic views stretching from Pyrgos to Limassol port.

Central to The Venus Garden Project is its focus on promoting a radiant community. Carefully designed communal areas include two extensive swimming pools, a lavish spa, and an abundantly equipped gym nestled beneath the pool are, facilitating leisure and connection among all residents.

Moreover, the project innovatively situates residences among thriving gardens and sparkling pools to promote shared green spaces and a close-caring community ambiance. It also features four public green areas accessible to all, emphasizing inclusivity and harmony.

Beyond its sophisticated living appeal, The Venus Garden Project champions visionary architecture as well as environmental stewardship. Its contemporary aesthetic blends minimalist design with durable materials like fair-faced concrete and travertine stone, ensuring elegance, and very important, sustainability.

The project’s commitment to sustainability extends to its construction techniques and green space integration, enhancing energy efficiency and minimizing its ecological footprint. Underground parking further preserves greenery, promoting a sustainable environment.

The Venus Garden Project, crafted by Ousai Venus Garden Properties, transcends mere residency; it embodies refined taste, offers a sustainable lifestyle, and adds to an investment in your well-being.

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