Maserati MC20: The Return of the Trident

Racecar enthusiasts with the need for speed will have something to rejoice for this year as Italian high-end automobile manufacturer, Maserati, is coming back with a bang with the release of their MC20. One of the most anticipated supercar releases of 2021, it will be the luxury car manufacturer’s first supercar in 15 years.


Lightning Fast and Feather Light

The Maserati Corse 20, more known as the “MC20” serves as the company’s spiritual successor from their last supercar in 2004, the MC12. The MC20 is an amalgamation of Maserati’s breakthrough innovations and state-of-the-art technology in creating a fitting car for the dawn of the new decade. 

Cabin access via upward-opening butterfly doors, the first of any Maserati.

The MC20 was designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency

The MC20 is fitted with a 630 horsepower, 3,000-cc, V6 turbo engine, dubbed by Maserati as “Nettuno”. Completely new and 100% made in Modena, it is currently the highest-powered 6-cylinder engine in production.

The supercar can get you from 0 to 100 km/h in just less than 3 seconds with top speeds exceeding 325 km/h. It also owes its lightweight body to its carbon fiber makeup, allowing the car to weight at just under 1,500 kgs. 

The all-new Nettuno engine


Luxury with a Purpose

Handsomely built, Maserati’s newest model reflects the automobile company’s philosophy in designing its supercars. It marries its racecar roots with its elegant design while injecting best-in-class ergonomics, which the Italian sportscar maker is known for. 

Racing-inspired, the MC20 offers seating for 2.

The luxurious fully-digitalized interior features the finest leather, Alcantara fabric, and carbon fibre with “Maserati Blue” accents.

MC20 center console

The MC20 also boasts four bespoke driving modes that highlight its versatility on the road. The GT driving mode provides the right balance of performance and comfortideal for everyday driving. Fluid shifting and soft suspensions allow drivers to access the car’s fierce power without any issues. Sports mode, on the other hand, is designed for track-ready thrills. It offers stiffer suspensions setting along with direct gear shifting for a lightning speed experience.

The Corsa mode boasts optimal acceleration and tests the MC20 even further. It features blistering-fast gear shifting with exhausts always opened. Lastly, Wet mode helps you navigate asphalt when it’s humid or slippery. This is achieved by limiting engine boost and activating the car’s dynamic controls. 


Continuing a Lasting Legacy 

The iconic Maserati MC12 (left) and the 2021 Maserati MC20 (right)

The debut of the MC20 is a part of the century-old Italian carmaker’s plan to revamp Maserati’s brand and build on its reputation for sheer performance. “It was critical of our strategy to start this new era with the launch of a sports car, a sports car that will bring us to where we started,” Maserati CEO Davide Grasso commented.  

Fans of the trident-bearing brand will have to wait patiently for its release in the North American market by the fall of 2021, with prices fetching at a cool USD210,000.


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