Mouthwatering Teppanyaki Cuisine in an Exotic Tropical Setting at Raakani Maldives

Creative teppanyaki grill cooking using the best of local ingredients delivers an engaging and theatrical gourmet experience in the most exotic of breathtaking settings at Raakani in the Maldives. This exceptional dining adventure is the reason why the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards have chosen Raakani as the winner of Best Luxury Dining Experience in Maldives.

The Fushifaru Maldives Resort is the setting for the exceptional beachside teppanyaki restaurant Raakani. The resort is made up of 44 luxury beach villas and 19 spectacular water villas on their own private island. The unique and exclusive location is the perfect location for an equally special dining experience. Which is where Raakani comes to the fore. Named after the spider conch shell, the restaurant is set on the exquisite silver-white sands of the Lhaviyani Atoll overlooking the turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean. The menu captures the flavors of the freshest ingredients from the Maldives with delectable surf and turf offerings. All transformed into mouthwatering teppanyaki dishes.

Teppanyaki cooking is truly a culinary art form. This iron griddle style of cooking uses a metal plate called a teppan and yaki refers to the means of cooking, which is grilled, broiled or pan-fried. At Raakani the variety of the freshest seasonal, local ingredients are used to create a bespoke dinner for every diner right in front of them for a truly exceptional tailor-made meal experience.

And the vast array of tasty ingredients available in the Maldives is certain to make it all even more extraordinary. There’s so much local fresh fish available, including tuna, grouper, dolphin fish and barracuda all caught on the restaurant’s doorstep. in the crystal-clear Maldivian waters. Fish doesn’t get fresher than this. And the wide range of local vegetables and spices add the perfect finishing touch. Guests take their pick from dishes all inspired by the key ingredients, like fish, chicken, or other meat. Each dish is then carefully created by the skilled teppanyaki chef for a unique, personalized dining experience.

Next door to the restaurant, Faninhandhi Bar provides the perfect venue for pre-dinner cocktails or mocktails while watching another spectacular sunset. Or drinks can rematch to savor with the guest’s chosen dish.

There are also other fabulous dining options such as an intimate, romantic meal on a secluded platform overlooking the azure sea. This unique dinner location is specially designed to make the most of the stunning, expansive views with its open-sides and palm-covered roof. Or enjoy in-villa dining delivered any time in the seclusion of your own private room.

The ultimate in luxury dining experiences is made complete with excellent service. Professionalism and a warm welcome are the name of the day, and nothing is too much trouble. And with guests given the chance to sample the best of local produce prepared and cooked to perfection and to their exact instructions, Raakani delivers a unique and delectable formula for absolute dining perfection in a stunning tropical paradise.