Unforgettable Private Luxury Cruises in a Greek Paradise

A commitment to the highest levels of customer service, luxury accommodation, facilities and individually designed detailed itineraries for every guest means that Infinity Rib Cruises have achieved an impressive reputation for creating dream holidays around the Greek island of Lefkada. These are the reasons why Infinity Rib Cruises have been selected by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner of a prestigious award in the category of Best Luxury Private Cruises in Lefkada, Greece for 2021.

Luxury cruise rental company Infinity Rib Cruises is based in Lefkada in Greece and offers a selection of personalized sailing tours aboard their stylish rib sea vessels. The company is the brainchild of the siblings Chara and Yiannis who grew up enjoying summers on their family boat. This passion for their home country and extensive local knowledge of the region makes them the perfect hosts and fellow travelers on their tailor-made cruises. Their vessels are named after the mythical Nereids – the nymphs of the sea – and they offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort as well as the highest safety standards.

At Infinity Rib Cruises all guests can design their very own curated private cruise. Whether it’s exploring hidden bays, swimming in crystal clear turquoise waters or relaxing on perfect sandy beaches the company will take care of every detail from start to finish. They are dedicated to offering first-class service while creating individual holidays of a lifetime where every experience is a magical one. The professional team will map out the perfect package for every client using their knowledge of the island’s most hidden gems.

One of the company’s services is to include the rental of an inflatable boat with a luxury villa stay. This gives guests the opportunity to explore the wonders of the surrounding ocean with ease, discovering majestic white cliffs and sparkling private beaches. The team can also arrange a stay on a luxury yacht with a spacious inflatable boat, allowing for guests to discover the secrets of the region that are only accessible from the sea. Highly trained skippers and all the experienced staff onboard ensure safety and security are always of the utmost importance while also offering the utmost flexibility, convenience, and privacy.

While enjoying their private cruise, guests can choose from an impressive raft of extra services. These include VIP transfers, romantic seaside dates, island hopping, birthday, anniversary, and wedding party cruises as well as romantic sunset and full moon cruises. Packages are designed to suit even the most discerning of guests with the highest standard of luxury amenities available and a dedicated team who go above and beyond expectations to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. On board guests can enjoy traditional snacks using produce grown from the owner’s garden, fresh fruit, water, premium and exclusive wine as well as beer. When it comes to entertainment, there are plenty of sea toys and quality snorkeling equipment.

To make for the most enjoyable experience possible there are also fresh luxury towels, free Wi-Fi, JL audio, a subwoofer as well as a Bluetooth connection to ensure guests can listen to their own personal playlist if desired. They can also make use of a GoPro camera to record their unique experiences as well as a free waterproof phone case and waterproof jacket – proving the impressive attention to detail paid by the company.

A private luxury cruise is the perfect way to explore the stunning coastline and bays of Lefkada, one of Greece’s most breathtaking islands. Infinity Rib Cruises will make sure every desire is catered for in their quest to create many magical moments and an unforgettable holiday for every client.

For more information, visit www.infinity-rib-cruises.com