Distinction in the Details: Architecture and Design Expertise by Talati & Partners

With over half a century of experience in the design consultancy industry, Talati & Partners (TPA) are one of the oldest architectural firms in India. The company offers cutting-edge expertise in the fields of architecture, interior design, and construction administration. Their incredible heritage and extensive achievements are the reasons why Talati & Partners have been selected by the panel of experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Architect Studio in India.

The company is run by partners Noshir Talati, Naushir Devitre, Xerxes Talati, Ria Talati Advani and Ratish Patil who are all passionate about their mission to offer design services that go beyond any standard practice. Their multidisciplinary, professional team of over 300 people offers a full-service solution to their discerning, high-end clientele. The tight-knit operation makes sure that all projects are efficiently managed, executed and completed across all areas of the process.

When it comes to architecture, TPA focuses just as strongly on practical considerations as it does on aesthetic creation. They take into consideration all the necessary factors required to effectively pull the project together. Their thorough research and operational process includes in-depth analysis of cost, workmanship, function, form as well as environmental sustainability and impact. They are also versatile in their achievements with projects spanning an impressive range of sectors including residential, retail, corporate, education, airports, hospitality, and medical outlets.

TPA prides itself on adaptability when taking on the design process. They specialize in a diversity of design styles including classic, contemporary, and avant-garde, always taking the time to work closely with their clients in understanding their vision and achieving it. The use of progressive technology provides the opportunity to bring their designs to life – a valuable resource in improving the creative process. The company’s mantra is “Distinction is in the detail”, a philosophy that leads to exceptional work where every detail, no matter how apparently insignificant it is considered.

The company also plays a strong part in the construction administration. This commitment to efficient project management for all their clients means everything progresses according to schedule, budget, and quality specifications. The team works closely with the client and the multiple contractors involved leading to a smoother process for all parties involved. And as they play such a hands-on role, the experts can quickly spot an opportunity to improve any design mid-construction and are in a position to redirect the project accordingly.

As part of their winning strategy, Talati and Partners pride themselves in their collaboration with design firms around the world. This gives them the opportunity to accumulate the knowledge they need to remain at the forefront of this competitive industry and to keep abreast of all the latest international trends. These collaborations and effective teamwork form the backbone of their operation and their strength is clearly evident in partnerships that have lasted 20 to 30 years and pay tribute to TPA’s high ethics and performance.

The multi award-winning company has been successful in securing a selection of top-end contracts with many prestigious brands. Clients to date include Oberoi Realty, Hotel Ibis, Blue Star Diamonds, Mumbai Airport, United Breweries Group, Orbit Corporation, and Globus Retail. Some of their most prominent projects include Shirpur Technology, Nashik Maharashtra, Casa Grande in Mumbai, Ceejay House in Mumbai, Bombay Hospital Indore, Jindal Mansion, as well as Cadbury House India.

This incredible portfolio of work pays testament to the extraordinary talent, commitment, and vision of the leadership at TPA as well as to their professional and skilled team. It undoubtedly makes them stand out as a hard-to-be beaten company in the luxury design and construction market in India and makes them a worthy winner in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Find out more about Talati & Partners here www.tparch.net