Unique Custom-made Luxury Jewelry Design from Hong Kong’s Sharon I

Popular with high-end clients around the globe, the Sharon I jewelry brand has an impressive reputation for its unique and innovative designs. This fine jewelry company, which originated in Paris, prides itself on its contemporary, elegant aesthetic in producing a selection of wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all using the highest quality materials. This has resulted in the development of a growing customer base in the luxury jewelry market, both in Hong Kong and around the world.

As an international brand, the Sharon I range is also available online, meaning that it is easy to purchase their premium products wherever in the world their clients may be, without having the need to visit the Wan Chai store. They also offer free shipping worldwide to all customers.


Sharon I is dedicated to helping every customer embrace their individuality and empowering them to ensure their potential shines as brightly as their 18-carat gold and diamond pieces. The female-owned business is committed to helping women see the beauty in themselves. Three important values underpin their philosophy and the way the company delivers to its clients.

They focus on the words unique, inspire and empower in all their enterprises and speak strongly to the value of women. They believe that through their custom-made offering, every woman can be their unique self and the best version of themselves always showing their full potential. This customer-focused approach has meant a growing success internationally for the Sharon I brand.

The custom-made jewelry service offers customers the opportunity to tailor-make their design to suit their needs and personalities. This service includes engraving which is a favorite among couples who are looking to purchase matching pieces like bracelets and rings.

Offering exceptional individualized customer service and the finest high-end premium products, Sharon I has deservedly been chosen as the recipient of a prestigious award. The panel of experts at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards has selected Sharon I as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Jewelry in Hong Kong for 2021. A significant achievement that the entire team at the highly successful company should be exceptionally proud of.

For more information, visit www.sharon-i.com