Celebrate The Year of the Tiger in Style with These Fashion-Forward Pieces

Here’s your chance to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year in fearless style. Fashion has always been inclusive; many luxury brands have cultivated a line of limited edition pieces to highlight this annual event. We’ve listed some of the most adventurous and fashion-forward products and designs inspired by the Year of the Tiger. 

1. Tiger G-Timeless Watch from Gucci

Photo: Gucci

Gucci’s Tiger Collection celebrates the charm of traditional Chinese art with refined palettes and intricate designs. The collection reinterprets a 1960s archival print by Vittorio Accornero and aims to highlight Gucci’s support of the conservation of endangered species through its partnership with the Lion’s Share Fund. This organization protects endangered animals and their habitats.

In line with that, the design features the Tiger in focus against a soft palette and lush backdrop. This artistic direction is incredibly gorgeous in watches featured in Tiger G-Timeless Watch. The collection also features other accessories, sneakers, and an assortment of ready-to-wear, including outerwear, dresses, and denim.


2. Capri from Koio

Photo: Koio

Koio released their signature Capri sneaker with an homage to the Year of the Tiger. This limited edition Capri is made in Italy and features white and red leather, along with Designer Dahan Chung’s illustration of a tiger. The brand’s campaign is meant to highlight the tradition of Lunar New Year, with the Tiger symbolizing qualities of courage, confidence, and ambition. Known for its versatile design, comfort, sustainability, and fine craftsmanship, this Capri is a perfect collector’s item as well as a day-to-day shoe for people who value comfort and style. 


3. Lunar New Year Virgin Wool Cardigan from Versace

Photo: Versace

Versace is ushering in the Lunar New Year with a celebratory capsule of clothing and accessories with bold reds, tiger motifs and Baroque flourishes. Part of the collection is a virgin wool cardigan exclusively designed for the new capsule. It features the signature La Greca print with gold Medusa buttons and an embroidered tiger.

Other stylish wool pieces from the same 2022 collection that feature the same striking red and black pattern include a form-fitting skirt and a stunning mid-length dress.


4. Tiger Printed Mini Handbag from Balenciaga

Photo: Balenciaga

Balenciaga released a stunning capsule collection in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Like the Hourglass Mini Handbag made of Arena lambskin, the collection also features a palette of bold orange and black prints. It also comprises outerwear like zip-up jackets and cropped sweaters, as well as eye-catching sneakers. The capsule collection includes a subtle tiger logo featured on Balenciaga accessories, bags, and hoodies.


5. Red Wool Tricot Knit Sweater from Dior

Photo: Dior

Kim Jones of Dior Men and artist Kenny Scharf teamed up to incorporate designs honoring the Year of the Tiger. The collection features a Water-Tiger motif in subtle prints, stylish embroidery, and eye-catching patches. The sweater is crafted in red wool tricot knit, embellished with a red embossed motif, celebrating the Chinese astrological sign of the Tiger on the chest, and a tonal embroidery of the iconic brand’s logo at the bottom.

The collection also features shirts, knitwear, outerwear, and denim in lucky red and blue, along with accessories like the Dior Lingot 22 bag, Dior Lock bag, B27 sneakers, and men’s jewelry, which also shows the Tiger zodiac sign.


6. Tiger Pendant Necklace from Ferragamo

Photo: Ferragamo

This fierce accessory from Ferragamo is crafted to celebrate the Chinese New Year and symbolize courage and strength. The necklace features a tiger which is said to ward away evil spirits from its wearer.

Furthermore, Ferragamo worked with Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu to create celebratory prints and design a Lunar New Year Special Capsule Collection. The collection includes plenty of red, with outerwear, knits, bags, and shoes in the lucky color. The campaign also features cherry blossoms and lush landscapes, a nod to the rebirth of the Lunar New Year.

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7. Fendi’s Spring Festival Capsule Collection T-Shirt

Photo: Fendi

Fendi celebrates the Chinese New Year by releasing their Spring Festival Capsule collection that pays homage to the mighty Tiger. One of the pieces from the collection is this chic T-shirt emboldened with the black and orange tiger stripe motif. The regular fit, crew neck T-shirt maintains the Italian fashion house’s design signature with the embellished FENDI lettering on the front. 

The collection features an animal print inspired by the Siberian Tiger. This ferocious animal is the protagonist of the luxury brand’s casual apparel.  


8. Air Max from Nike

Photo: Nike

Nike stepped into the Lunar New Year with a partnership with Jordan Brand sneakers to release a series of Air Jordan inspired by the Year of the Tiger. The ferocious animal might know how to camouflage and blend easily in the wild, but Nike made sure that the tiger stripes on their new Air Max 1 G NRG will steal the show, standing out on the course. The bold design brought the sneakers to life along with Nike’s iconic styling of the original Air Max 1, finishing it off with cow leather. 


9. Carrot-Fit Denim from Evisu

Photo: Evisu

As a tribute to the Lunar New Year of the Tiger, Evisu launches its Year of the Tiger 2022 Gold Edition jeans in a limited quantity of 500 sets. The pants are cut with the brand’s signature 2017 carrot fit. Its back panel features a Daicock embroidery in 3D details of Tiger, gradated cloud pattern, lightning, and a splash of gold coins.

The deluxe pair of jeans also come with a unique number on the gold Godhead leather patch, perfect for anyone who likes fashion that can also pass as wearable art.


10. Burberry Reversible Tiger Print Cotton Jacket

Photo: Burberry

This limited edition Year of the Tiger jacket is part of Burberry’s celebratory capsule collection and campaign released just in time for the Chinese New Year. It offers a style that symbolizes the courage and strength of the Tiger. The orange accent and fierce tiger patterns are a bold statement of fashion and fortune. 

The piece is just one of many others in the collection, including cashmere scarves, sneakers, and handbags. The items mainly feature the Tiger’s signature stripes with solid red accents. 

The nature-inspired and tiger-striped prints, along with bold red garments, give life to these eye-catching pieces from iconic brands and designers. These luxury items are meant to bring great style, good fortune, and the fierceness of the Tiger to anyone who wishes to get the best out of their Chinese New Year.

Feature Image: Gucci 2022 Year of the Tiger Campaign