Design Beyond Senses: Timeless and Carefully Crafted Spaces by Taiwan’s KYDO Design

KYDO Design offers a unique perspective on a wide range of interior design solutions, tailor-made individual service, and a multi-faceted, talented team for the creation of exceptional projects in Taiwan. This is why KYDO Design has been chosen by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as one of the winners in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Taiwan.

KYDO Design was founded in Taipei in 2011. This boutique design studio employs a team of highly skilled artists, designers, and craftsmen who are dedicated to creating exceptional designs for high-end residences, commercial spaces, corporate headquarters, boutique hotels, and public spaces.

Esteemed Design Principal Keng-Yu Liao leads the group of multi-talented individuals on their quest to develop spaces that proffer a unique solution for every client. Their most famous projects include Cosmos Residence Public Space, Cosmos Mansion Sales Centre, Misty Bamboo (the space design of the main exhibition hall of the Taiwan Expo), Taipei Chen Residence, and Lao Wang Hot Pot Restaurant.

The company embraces the opportunity for the realization of the most daring of creative ideas for truly innovative design solutions. They take a broad cultural outlook and are committed to the highest levels of aesthetics throughout the entire process of providing an integrated design experience.

The company also aspire to the highest of craftsmanship while using the best quality modern material and advanced design techniques. Keng-Yu Liao and his team aim to shape spaces that create different atmospheres and fulfill different functions while offering an unsurpassed richness of and attention to detail.

“The whole team at KYDO Design is dedicated to designing beautiful interiors for all our clients. This is why it is particularly satisfying to receive this recognition from the industry specialists at Luxury Lifestyle Awards by being chosen as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Taiwan,” says Keng-Yu Liao, Design Principle, KYDO Design.

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