Fusing Art and Innovative Concepts with Taiwan’s Chains Interior Design

Chains Interior Design prides itself on delivering professional interior design and the best tailor-made service in creating and managing an impressive selection of high-end projects in Taiwan. The company has won multiple awards for offering a truly extraordinary design experience while developing ground-breaking living spaces for all its clients.

The experienced team at Chains Interior Design is dedicated to providing the best in customer care right from the start with their in-depth client consultation. Their multi-faceted expertise covers a wide range of disciplines which makes them well equipped to collaborate across every necessary aspect of the project. Each individual process begins with the skilled design department working in close partnership with the client to establish their specific needs. They then embark upon designing a unique, stylish, and relevant space that fulfills the brief. This information is then passed on to the 3D-Department who proceeds with producing the renderings and animations making it simple for the client to clearly visualize how everything is going to look before construction even begins.

While construction is underway the interior decoration team will liaise with the client to establish how they would like their inside space to look. They provide advice on finishing touches, including selecting desirable materials, colours, and textures that meet the client’s wishes. The expert decorators get involved with the choice of suitable furnishings and can even consider feng shui issues to create the perfect look and feel. And the exceptional service even continues after the client has moved in when the customer service team takes over to monitor user satisfaction and make themselves available to offer professional advice when needed.

The company has a reputation for attention to detail and introducing ‘that little bit extra special’ to all their enterprises. They have even established their own Chains Art Gallery. The thinking behind this is to make original art more easily accessible to their clients using the strong relationships they have developed with artists and galleries. This provides customers with the opportunity to discover new works of art and purchase something truly unique to include in their decor.

The admirable values demonstrated by Chains Interior Design are clearly reflected in one of their latest elegant residential designs which are called ‘A Moveable Feast’. Set on the Tamsui river bay, the building is named after Hemingway’s memoir of the same name, as interior designer Lien Wu quoted that when he first visited the site, it brought to mind this principle which was originally voiced by the writer.

The building features sweeping curved balconies along its exterior, blending perfectly with the rolling mountain and winding river views of its breathtaking setting. Inside the opulent home, its open plan layout creates the perfect flow for easy living with expansive views across the striking landscape. The dining area includes a stylish bar counter and round table that makes for a welcoming entertainment area, as well as hidden wine cabinets behind the counter and plenty of purpose-built storage throughout. A multimedia entertainment zone and study complete the living space. And finally, the three contemporary bedrooms and luxury bathrooms are the ultimate in modern style and function.

The company’s dedication to creating the best of luxury design while offering exceptional personal service to every client means they stand out from the crowd. This makes it no surprise that Chains Interior Design has been chosen by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a 2021 winner in the category of Best Luxury Apartment Interior Design in Taiwan for ‘A Moveable Feast’. A deserved accolade for what is an exceptional example of innovative design.

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