What To Expect From Four Seasons’ New Luxury Airbus

Hotelier giant Four Seasons have made public news of their upcoming private jet which is planned to be a revised upgrade on the obsidian 2015 version showing great intent on the part of the brand to further their experiential endeavor. Let’s take a look at what to expect of the new plane.

If you haven’t heard about the current 2015 model, you may read about it in our previous article: the Four Seasons Private Jet.

The plane model

The freshly released Airbus NEO series avails the Airbus A321LR aircraft which will take on the role of Four Seasons’ new lavish air taxi. Size-wise, it’s a step down compared to the one it will be replacing featuring a 48-passenger seating that is four less than the current capacity of the Boeing 757- 200ER presently in use.

The company says they opted for the chosen Airbus model because it is more suitable for extended trips and offers much more customization hence is preferable despite its fewer seats.

The Interior

The animated orange-and-blue patterns are swapped out for regal variations featuring posh white seating complemented by earth-toned pillows and a similarly colored carpet. A full bar manned by a mixologist in an expansive lounge area is a notable feature of the new model. This section provides a comfortable area for passengers to interact as well as hear from staff via hands-on seminars regarding what to expect of the next destination.

A look at the 48-seater interior.

The bathrooms have also received a residential suite-like upgrade as has the seating area which has been reimagined to improve socializing. The leather is sought from Poltrona Frau, a renowned Italian producer, while the seats themselves have been tailor-made by the futuristic brand Optimares.

In-flight experiences

Onboard entertainment comes in the way of interactive workshops by the lineup of professionals on the flight. Passengers will get to learn from wellness experts, mixologists, Four Season chefs, arts and culture specialists regarding various topics of interest. Digital entertainment, on the other hand, is taken care of by a video streaming iPad that comes with every seat.

Culinary revisions

Four Seasons says its chefs will now conjure delicacies inspired by the different destinations of travel while also making lovely surprises to keep guests guessing on what will be served next. Native chefs will also be joining the crew during trips to quite literally bring their knowledge to the table while a lone executive chef will overlook the entire journey.

Passengers get to enjoy a bar area serviced by a dedicated mixologist.

We’ll have to wait for an official release of the grandiose new jet by Four Seasons sometime in 2021 although you may choose to reserve your place onboard as early as mid-2018. The ritzy airbus will carry on where its counterpart left off continuing a tradition of an opulent 3-week itinerary encompassing some of the planet’s most coveted attractions.

Images courtesy of fourseasons.com

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