Luxury Lifestyle Awards Announces 2019’s Top 5 Luxury Villa Rental Companies In Asia

For every elite traveler, Asia offers a plethora of accommodation options suiting their tastes for holiday leisure. With a promise of bespoke services and resort-like amenities in such spectacular locations, Asia’s luxury villa rentals are unquestionably a much sought after choice.

As more and more companies venture into this relatively new niche, maintaining top-quality services and properties becomes a growing challenge. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards is among the few recognized entities that study and select the best of the best in the luxury industry, including luxury villa rentals.


The Winners

This June, the New York-based awards company announced the top luxury villa rentals in Asia for 2019 based on their annual Global Luxury Consumer Report. A dozen entries from all over the continent underwent extensive scrutiny for a period of three weeks and were eventually broken down into eight and finally ending up with the five best.

Source: Lifestyle Awards Global Luxury Consumer Report 2019

For a second consecutive year, The Luxury Signature claims the title as the best brand in its category with the rest of the winners being as follows: #2 Mr & Mrs Smith; #3 Asia Holiday Retreats; #4 Elite Havens; and #5 Luxury Retreats.

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Selection Process and Criteria

The selection criteria are based on reputation, expensiveness, credibility, brand awareness, personalization, excellence, and luxury experience. The global agency takes into account the number of years the luxury villa rental service provider has been in business and their consistency in offering great service to the customers. They select winners not just based on the brand value but also how well they emotionally connect with their target audience.

Chart courtesy of Luxury Lifestyle Awards Global Luxury Consumer Report 2019

To collect data, Luxury Lifestyle Awards rely on various sources such as company data, industry experts, trade associations, social platforms, market research reports, the press, blogs, forums, online database, and market data. Customer feedbacks are also reviewed to learn about individual experiences and personalized service offered by the nominees.


Connecting people to the best of luxury

Through hard-earned data, Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognizes the best brands throughout the globe, providing reliable bases for consumers in attaining their ideal luxury experience. With over 10,000 brands under 400 different categories from about 60 different countries, the coverage and research are remarkably quite extensive. The awards also involve a wide range of industries from yachts and jet charter services to luxuriant perfumes and jewelry.

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