Meet Thailand’s Wedding Dress Maestro: Vanus Couture

Fairytale modern and traditional designs are the order of the day for Vanus Couture, a Bangkok-based wedding design company that spares no expense in delivering the ultimate luxurious “I do”. For decades, Vanus has endeared itself to the high and mighty with its elegant packages matching exquisite top-notch tailoring with ingenious creativity to realize products of the highest caliber. From world-renowned celebrities to politicians and basically everyone with deep pockets, Vanus is the playground for the rich and famous. That said, today we’ll be taking a look at arguably the best wedding dress designer in Thailand as we delve further into the household name that Vanus Couture has become:

Wedding dress design concepts

The designer’s collection is essentially split into two spheres with present-age concepts on one hand and winsome Thai-influenced varieties on the other. Their traditional cabinet features an array of diversity as handwoven cotton attires take on just about any shade except for black which, according to local folklore, attracts bad luck.

You can expect local dresses equipped with native flowery depictions and synonymous tiers of draping ruffles and flowing frills. Besides enticing gold and creamy white, red also proves a popular choice in the past-century category which also encompasses modern takes on foldable wedding dresses of yesteryears. Taking on saree-esque builds, the traditional Thai wedding dresses on offer are extremely artistic often embedded with precious stones such as rubies and costly floral accents that add a twist to the generic mold of the past.

Meanwhile, Vanus’ modern collection is heavily inspired by the sumptuous modernity of French styles as default white is patterned and molded into various tempting alterations. Overflowing head to toe synthetics is paired with cleavage taunting cuts availing various cascading designs and simple dresses that take care of all kinds of tastes.

Famous movies such as “The Dressmaker” have also provided the blueprint for present-age designs, with this particular title forming the basis for an utterly expensive and extraordinarily beautiful dress that is sewn to realize the fabulous figure-hugging crimson outfit of the lead character.

Groom suits concepts

Vanus Couture’s packages extend beyond queen-worthy wedding dresses also providing an arsenal of groom suits born from both past and present trends. The designers spare no expense in their pursuit of perfection as Italian material is imported straight from the native country to provide a lineup of men suits of the highest order. There are a total of 10 colors and 10 styles to choose from including an enchanting black-lined dark red three-piece suit, a glossy navy blue and white paired outfit and the customary silky black to name just a few.

For the traditional aspect, there is also a presentation of tucked-in lavish baggy pants that span all the way to the upper body like an overall. Finished off by overhanging suit coats and bowties, the grand groom suit of the past is easy on the eye and slots in as swanky option for the affluent.

What sets them apart?

Authenticity is easily Vanus’ strongest selling point with their attention to detail and the use of genuine traditional Thai embroidery setting them apart in a market flooded with counterfeits. Apart from that, it’s also hard to find a company that blends both past and present quite seamlessly whilst retaining that opulent touch that is sometimes lacking in traditional outlooks. Vanus injects decadent style into the casual wedding dress and spruces it up to be fit for a princess. So if your idea of the perfect wedding involves a timeless classic or beguiling modernity, Vanus Couture is certainly the company to call.

Contact Details

Address: 1550, 1552 Lat Phrao Rd, Khwaeng Wang Thonglang, Khet Wang Thonglang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10310, Thailand
Telephone: 02 002 4895 / 02 002 4896

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