La City Trianon – Luxury Lifestyle Destination for Everyone in Mauritius

The exoticism of the rainforests, the splendor of the picturesque beaches, the naturalness and authenticity of the national parks create a unique combination that makes Mauritius one of the most attractive vacation destinations in the world. However, the well-developed hospitality industry and remarkable nature are not all that make exploring this cozy island so desirable. A wide range of options for unforgettable shopping, represented by many shopping malls and stores for all tastes, attracts many tourists looking for opportunities to buy the necessary goods and have a good time in specially designed for this purpose spaces. On the rich and variegated map of shopping destinations on the sunny island stands out La City Trianon, the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Shopping Mall in Mauritius.

La City Trianon has been known to area residents and tourists since 2002 when it was called Trianon Shopping Park. This mall has gained fame as a unique destination thanks to its high-end environment, carefully thought-out and optimized value, and vibrant and intense visitor experience. Before the start of the project, research was conducted to survey its potential customers. Based on their opinions and wishes, the project managers developed the most convenient setting for an unforgettable shopping and exciting activities with families and friends.

A particular advantage of the Trianon Shopping Park from the beginning was its convenient location. The mall is located in the lively center of Quatre Bornes, in the very heart of Mauritius. Here, at the crossroads of tourists looking for a place of entertainment and fun, is a place that fulfills, and even exceeds, the expectations of the demanding public. The stylish and intelligent design of the mall and the thoughtful selection of services and stores have made it possible to offer a comprehensive shopping and leisure experience.

The Trianon Shopping Park was renovated and rebranded a few years ago, resulting in the launch of La City Trianon in 2018. This mall embodied the “city within a city” concept that SMTP Groupe had previously implemented in Antananarivo, Madagascar, where the La City Ivandry mall offered an extensive selection of stores, entertainment, and services for visitors of all ages and preferences. La City Trianon by SMTP Groupe is successfully developing the concept of a “city within a city”, a welcoming place where every family member can always find something fun to do and enjoy a pleasant day in a home-like atmosphere.

The first thing visitors to La City Trianon encounter is a spacious outdoor parking lot for 1,000 cars. Another 200 parking spaces are available in the mall’s underground parking lot. Once inside, LCT guests will find themselves in a modern shopping mall, where a wide variety of entertainment and shopping options await everyone. In total, La City Trianon houses more than 110 diverse shops, including jewelry and healthcare stores, branded fashion stores, banks, ATMs, showrooms, and many others.

The largest facility on the map of La City Trianon is Winner’s, Mauritius’ most famous food hypermarket. Cinema enthusiasts can enjoy impressive and innovative visual and sound technology while watching modern movie masterpieces in the MCine cinema complex. The diverse dining scene is represented by a vast food court with more than 20 food outlets, snack and juice bars, representing various culinary traditions. La City Trianon constantly hosts various festivals, events, exhibitions, master classes, and mass entertainment programs.

As already said, in La City Trianon, ideal entertainment awaits visitors of all ages. Proof of this is the rich array of activities that the team of the shopping mall has prepared for the youngest guests. A perfectly equipped children’s playground will allow children to forget about boredom in the cheerful company of peers.