Premium Service in the Luxury Swiss Real Estate Market with Luxury 778 Ltd

With an unlimited dedication to customer care and attention and extensive experience and expertise in the luxury real estate market, Luxury 778 Ltd offers the ultimate package for both buyers in sellers in Switzerland. Their unparalleled relationship with every customer and access to some of the finest properties across the country means a world-class, specialized service from initial meeting to the completion of the transaction. This is why, after much deliberation by the experts, Luxury 778 Ltd is the recipient of an award in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Switzerland in the recent Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Founded in 2012, Luxury 778 Ltd is run by the founders of the agency, a father and son team – Stefan and Daniel Ittig. Their collective experience in the ever-changing real estate marketplace is highly impressive. Stefan has built and remodeled a wide range of homes for over 40 years while Daniel has over 14 years of experience working in architectural offices, mainly related to high-end properties. Together they offer in-depth knowledge of the industry combined with an innovative approach to their selection of distinguished customers from all around the world.

The company is aimed at the ultra-high-worth market – people looking for the best of premium personal service in one of the most magnificent places in the world. Their growing list of satisfied clients includes some of the world’s billionaires who are looking for their dream property and want to spend the minimum of time and effort doing so. The tailor-made service continues with benefits that include assistance with any questions on the new place of residence, its surroundings, and any advice on repairs and construction work that need to be undertaken.

Luxury 778 Ltd’s portfolio showcases a range of stunning, luxury projects in the picturesque mountain and lake regions of Switzerland. These are featured exclusively with the company and cannot be found promoted anywhere else. And their comprehensive range of services ensures customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Sellers can always be assured of the safety of their home with Luxury 778 Ltd. The company guarantees thorough checks of every potential buyer through their rigorous qualification process before they consider setting up a viewing. This ensures only genuinely serious buyers are offered the opportunity to visit the homes for sale.

For buyers, Luxury 778 Ltd takes time to get to know potential customers’ wishes and dreams for their new home. They then take on the challenge of making the dream a reality with focus and dedication and using every one of the substantial resources they have at hand. The company lives up to its incredible reputation on this front and, on average, finds its clients’ dream homes in just one to three viewings.

Luxury 778 Ltd takes pride in developing client relationships to the highest possible level. They spend time and effort in getting to understand the customer’s every need and pay the closest of attention to every detail throughout the different stages of the transaction. For anyone looking to buy or sell a luxury Swiss property, the myriad benefits of working with Luxury 778 Ltd make it the perfect one-stop shop, with every qualification to carry out the job quickly and smoothly, putting the client first every step of the way.