The Singapore Yacht Show: A Lavish Yearly Display of Nautical Grandeur

With a name that literally translates to the ‘Lion City’, Singapore is unquestionably among the top luxury travel destinations in Asia; a magnificent architectural prowess and a hotbed of exhilarating contemporary art and culture. Aside from the city-state’s beguiling cityscape which offers plenty in the way of attractions, Singapore is also renowned for a yearly boating event called the Singapore Yacht Show which forms the subject of today’s discussion.

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First things first: What is the Singapore Yacht Show (SYS)?

The annual occasion serves up glamorous boating celebration which brings together not only the most opulent and striking vessels throughout the continent but also famous yachting personalities and major influencers across industries. It’s a lot similar to the Geneva Auto show only that instead of lavish automobile models fresh off the conveyer belt, guests are treated to a lineup of ritzy super yachts among other high-end water vessels.

Agents, dealers, and traders will also be in attendance as they showcase the might of the industry’s leading brands whilst brushing shoulders with the rich and mighty. Aside from an endless fleet of the world’s most coveted vessels, the yacht show also avails a plethora of social activities ranging from wellness workshops and live demonstrations to yacht cruises and everything in between.

Highlights from the 2018 SYS chapter

Staying true to SYS customs, the latest showpiece spanned four days as the 8th edition took place between the 12th and 15th of April. It kicked off with a colorful opening ceremony where boardwalks were overflowing with the elite who were eager to feast their eyes on an exemplary floating lounge bar, a top-notch retailing village, exorbitant marine-related exhibits, and, of course, the center of attraction- lavish yachts and catamarans.

Water sports demonstrations encompassing jetpacks, fly boards, and wakeboards provided commercial-like breaks from the main programming which involved world-class boat builders such as Benetti, Amels and Feadship. The customary Sentosa Ball festival was also a big hit, as is always the case, providing a first-rate gala featuring the finest and loftiest of cuisines and wines.

The SYS is also a venue for water sports, attracting both professionals and hobbyists. Image:

Other auxiliary happenings also included the Asia Boating Awards that hands out accolades to proven performers and the Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference that sees marine professionals engage in knowledgeable and insightful talks about industry platforms. There was also a wine and gin fest on the cards as well as a cigar and whiskey event appealing to those with a taste for the finer things in life.

What to look forward to for the 2019 edition

Only three weeks lie between us and the next Singapore Yacht Show which is slated for a four-day run-out starting from the 11th of April. It’s pretty much more of the same keeping last year’s showpiece event in mind which, just like its predecessor, will also be hosted at the Sentosa Cove’s famed ONE༠ 15 Marina.

Motor and sailing yachts of different sizes are showcased side by side. Image:

What’s different though is that we can expect some regional and international premiers and an exhibition of nautical might that is unrivaled within and without the country’s borders. Going by assurances straight from the horse’s mouth, this year’s SYS also promises some new concepts. These include the Waydoo Flyer (an aquatic apparatus that lets you hover above water), an ingenious floating pool by Desjoyaux, and the livable and wonderfully crafted Beneteau Antares 8 boat just to name a few.

A precursor Gala dinner and the traditional award ceremony will flag off proceedings a day prior to the official opening date on 10th April.

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