Skyacht One – The Yacht Inspired Private Jet

Touted as the most luxurious private jet in the world today, the Skyacht One is a unique innovation by the SottoStudios, in collaboration with the Embraer Executive Jets.

A distinct take on aircraft interior design, the vision of the jet’s general theme was inspired by the Thunderbird, a yacht commissioned in 1939 by George Whittell Jr. of Lake Tahoe, California, derived from the design of his Douglas DC2 Aircraft. The Thunderbird gave Eddie Sotto of SottoStudios the vision of a “yacht that can fly,” which serves as the Skyacht One’s unique slogan.

The private jet consists of the theme of navigation, with the interiors featuring images of compasses and time pieces, which are embodied in almost every single detail of the interior’s furnishings. Rich leathers, bejeweled furnishings made in fine metals, and mahogany paneling feature the fine details of the cabin’s over 4,000 square feet of space.

There are 5 separate cabin zones in the jet, which are the private conference room, the cocktail bar, the main cabin, and the master suite. The main cabin features a lush Chesterfield sofa, a flatscreen TV, and the cocktail bar sits right next to it. The master suite features a walk-in shower and an ensuite bathroom with a luxurious lavatory.

Other bragging points of the jet include having the largest in-flight baggage compartment of any executive jet, which is 323 sq.ft., as well as an additional external baggage area of 120 square feet. Wireless iPad controls include the interior’s temperature, lights, window shades, as well as the controls for audio and video.

The Skyacht One creates an entirely new world of luxury air travel, bringing the lush details of a luxury yacht into the jet’s spacious interiors. Every inch of the cabin has been custom-made to bring Eddie Sotto’s vision of a “flying yacht” come to life, bringing the world of luxury air travel and sailing all in one spectacular aircraft. Images by