Aerion Corporation – The World Leader in Supersonic Jet Technology

The world leader in supersonic jet technology, Aerion Corporation is an American jet manufacturer based in Reno, Nevada.

The company currently holds a number of patents and has the largest knowledge base for SNLF (Supersonic Natural Laminar Flow) Technology in the world.

Dedicated to commercial manufacturing of their innovative supersonic technology, the company announced in September of 2014 of a revolutionary development in the name of the Aerion AS2 Business Jet. The AS2 is said to be capable of crossing the Atlantic or Pacific routes with twice the speed of supersonic jets in the industry.

The name Aerion comes from the Greek mythical horse called Areion, which was born to Poseidon, and belonged to Adrastus.

Founded in 2002, its predecessor was the ASSET Group, which stood for Affordable Supersonic Executive Transport. Having proven the successful results of the SNLF technology, an investor group headed by Robert M. Bass purchased the company and launched Aerion Corporation, with the aim of making their innovation available to the public.

Over the last decade, the company has invested over $120 Million in Research and Development and has successfully worked together with NASA for test flights and other developments.

The company’s proprietary technology reduces wing friction drag by as much as 80%, which gives the company’s jets the capacity to reach higher speeds than any other business jet available in the market today.

Innovative, always in the search for solutions to make air travel as luxurious and as efficient as possible, and being the world leader in this game-changing technology, Aerion is set to transform the world of aviation. (