Exceptional Tailor-Made Luxury Design from K. R. Decorate Co., Ltd. in Bangkok

The culturally diverse city of Bangkok provides an incredible source of inspiration and creative energy for its myriad local architects and designers. The backdrop of Thailand’s capital offers the perfect environment for experts to work in, absorbing the best of local traditions while also offering a modern twist in all their building and design work. This inspirational atmosphere helps to make K. R. Decorate Co., Ltd. one of the market leaders in the local industry offering a wide range of services related to architecture and interior design.

With more than 20 years of experience in the marketplace, the team of professional interior designers and decorators specialize in developing projects that include high-end houses and apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. The company is committed to offering personal service and high-quality design solutions to every client.

Working closely with the customer, the specialists at K. R. Decorate Co., Ltd. focus on understanding the essence of each interior and how it is to be used to the best of its potential. Considering the tastes and desires of the client they work on designing a space that is both beautiful and functional. From initial consultation and planning, the architectural consultants consider every element including the natural surrounds and the movement of the sun, including the direction of the natural light as it’s going to move within the rooms and how wind and rain are likely to affect the project.

K. R. Decorate Co., Ltd. has been chosen by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as the recipient of multiple awards. Firstly, as the recipient in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Thailand, and secondly, one of the company’s recent projects – the Private Residence of Mr. Thanid Chaikulngamdee, in the category of Best Luxury Residential Interior Design in Thailand.

This exceptional 350-square-meter three-storey house is located in the city reserve of Phana Pattana Road, Thailand Travel Road, which is close to the owner’s business premises. He plans to use it extensively to host his VIP partners, friends, and colleagues. The home encompasses four bedrooms (including a dedicated guest suite), a living room, recreation room, kitchenette, and pantry.

The living room is set up with video conferencing for daily office communication and other online work. The interior is designed using glossy materials with a combination of materials like matte and glossy tiles, rose gold stainless steel, and matte paint for furniture. The company has also chosen their materials taking their eco-friendliness into consideration with recycled wood and odor-free spray paint used throughout. Carefully selected luxurious marble completes the overall elegant look of the house which the designers describe as “simple east luxury style”. A worthy winner from one of the top design houses in Thailand.