Exquisite and Bespoke Design Services from Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. (BTW DESIGN)

With a wide range of successfully completed projects across both the residential and commercial sectors, Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. (BTW DESIGN) is committed to excellence and understanding in interior design. Their talented and experienced team focuses on producing creative, stylish spaces that also offer the ultimate in-home comforts and ultimately improve the lives of the people who are fortunate enough to live in them.

The international design organization was founded in Hong Kong by experienced designer and planner, Beatles Chu. Having been educated in the Department of Environmental Art at the Jilin Institute of the Arts, Mr. Chu went on to work as a design director before founding his own company. It’s a company that encapsulates all his ideas and visions, translating them into exceptional spaces for work and play.

There is an impressive diversity in his body of work, from urban and landscape planning to museums, multifunctional commercial spaces, cultural institutions, and educational facilities. The company’s portfolio also includes a selection of residential and leisure facilities including urban complexes, luxury hotels, upscale clubs, real estate development, office buildings, and high-end residential projects. These all can be found in Hong Kong as well as across other regions of China.

When it comes to fulfilling such a range of different ventures, Mr. Chu understands the need for a skilled and multi-faceted team. To that end, he has brought together a group of exceptional design professionals with a mix of talents including a solid foundation in fine arts, urban planning, landscape, furniture design as well as a range of other fields. This means BTW DESIGN is in a strong position to provide the full range of services that are needed for the conception, development, and completion of any architectural and interior design project, offering a hands-on approach from start to finish.

The specialist staff pride themselves on paying particular attention to the requirements of their clients. This means they can create a tailor-made solution and make sure it is effectively carried out to the highest of standards while adhering to deadlines and budgets. Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. (BTW DESIGN) is also dedicated to offering customized solutions when it comes to decorative materials, furniture, and lighting. Working directly with manufacturers, the company provides bespoke offerings for the perfect finishing touches. This close relationship with suppliers also means they can guarantee the standard of all products used in their projects, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

The company’s exceptional contribution to the design industry in Hong Kong and throughout China, and their commitment to excellence in bespoke service and quality makes them an impressive player in this competitive marketplace. Therefore, Shenzhen Botemai Decoration Design Co. (BTW DESIGN) has been chosen by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a deserved winner in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Guangdong for 2021.