Top Yachting Destinations in Asia

Asia possesses a unique beauty that can only be experienced by exploring its coasts and islands. With countless exotic destinations for the perfect vacation atop a ritzy vessel, the continent presents an overwhelming number of places to consider. Not to worry though as we’ve curated the absolute best to bring you the finest yachting destinations in Asia and they are as follows:

  1. Thailand – Phang Nga Bay, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Krabi

Phang Nga Bay is a beautiful turquoise green haven that lies at the epicenter of neighboring Phuket and Krabi provinces. There are more than 100 islands to explore, or get lost in, each providing a variety of geology from dramatic cliffs to secluded lagoons and beaches. On the eastern side of Thailand, there is Koh Samui where the islands of Ang Tong national park can be found.

White sand beaches and towering limestone cliffs of Krabi, Thailand.

Notable highlights include the 200-m long cave tunnel of Koh Phanak which is amassed with picturesque and small rooms called hongs. You can find more of the same at the scenic Koh Hong Island not too far away or experience the enticing shores of Koh Ping Ghan otherwise known as the James Bond Island because of its role in the blockbuster film.

Phuket has been a thriving yachting destination for decades with 4 different world-class marinas all around the island including the Royal Phuket Marina and the Ao Po Grand Marina.

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  1. Vietnam – Nha Trang and Halong Bay

When you think of Vietnam the first thing that pops into your mind is probably the events of the 1955 war with the Americans. Fast forward 64 years down the line and the country has stepped out of that ominous shadow revealing a nation with paradisiacal features. From a stunning coastline rife with moon grey beaches to vibrant marine.

Often compared to Thailand’s Phang Nga, Halong Bay in Vietnam is a spectacle of its own. Image:

Nha Trang is leading Vietnam’s popularity charge. Nineteen virgin islets lie in wait from Halong Bay- the best of which include colorful Tuan Chau, laid back Ti Top, Soi Sim, the Soap Berry Tree Island of Bo Han, and the Coconut Tree Island of Rang Dau- presenting a mix of excellent swimming and snorkeling spots.

Vietnam is on its way to building its first-ever marina which will be located in Nha Trang, the Ana Marina.


  1. Maldives

1100. That’s the number of islands there are for the taking in the magical Maldives. 87 of those are specifically island resorts while 202 are inhabited with the rest devoid of occupancy, although the rich wildlife would beg to differ, ensuring plenty of secluded diving spots and anchorages.

Maldives consists of hundreds of uninhabited islands waiting to be explored. Photo by Jailam Rashad

The country that holds the world record of being the flattest is also renowned for diving, surfing and, most notably, whale watching. Dolphins and whales like to stick close to the coral debris and peaceful lagoons of South Ari Atoll so be ready for the playful creature going all out to impress you with fancy acrobatics in an effort to win your warm compliments. There are more than 20 species of either animal on display ranking the Maldives among the five best spots for whale watching in the world.

The Maldives is expecting to open its first-ever luxury marina, the Crossroads Marina this June 2019.


  1. Philippines – Palawan, Cebu, and Boracay

The Maldives isn’t the only place you can swim with the fishes with Cebu’s Pescador Island and Oslob region also providing enthralling backdrops for diving alongside whale sharks. Of course, Boracay is still a highlight of any visit to the Philippines with its powder-like white sand beaches and lively establishments.

The Palawan island group is home to hidden lagoons and crystal clear lakes. Image:

The Palawan island, regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful, is a definite must-see in your voyage. It is home to impressive limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons, caves, unique wildlife, as well the world’s most expensive island resort. Other locations worth seeing include Bohol, Mindoro, and Guimaras.

The Manila Yacht Club in Manila Bay is one of the oldest in Asia and offers berthing facilities near some of the city’s most popular hotels.


  1. Indonesia – Komodo, Raja Ampat, and Bali

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat is an archipelago availing 1,500 small islands waiting to be explored. The center of the attraction in the area is undoubtedly the UNESCO-listed Komodo National Park that, as its name would have it, is home to what remains of the dragon lineage: the Komodo.

The last refuge of the komodo dragons is also a breathtaking paradise. Image:

Besides big lizards eyeing you with a curious stare, the park also puts at your disposal an idyllic yachting course of 29 islands right off the shores of Flores and Sumbawa. Rinca, Padar and Komodo are islands never lacking in the basic Raja Ampat itinerary with the surrounding 26 uninhabited isles providing the icing on the cake.

The paradise island of Bali is considered a gem of the Indonesian archipelago with its spectacular coastal sceneries, beaches, surfing, and diving sites.


  1. Myanmar – Mergui Archipelago

This wonderful southeastern Asian country is home to upwards of 100 ethnic divides. Cut out from the world, the Mergui archipelago to the south of Burma’s coast offers a taste of private, untamed greenery clinging to chains of beguiling landmasses sneaking out of the youthful Andaman Sea.

Mergui conceals unique landscapes that only a fortunate few have seen. Image:

Save for soul-searching sea gypsy families, almost 800 islands herein are without occupancy, more often than not. Each serves up intricate mangrove forests, tropical jungles, glistening coves, and immense shorelines of white sands for the perfect yacht vacation.


  1. Malaysia – Langkawi

Sailing options will not be a problem in Malaysia courtesy of the cluster of 99 islands that Langkawi holds within its borders. Langkawi is extremely popular across the country’s borders due to the many mythical stories tucked away within its green waters.

The marina of Vivanta Rebak Island resort in Langkawi. Image:

The Jewel of Kedah, as the natives affectionately and officially call it, is held in high-regard across yachting circles. Its excellent all-year-round weather is generally hot and humid with rare rainfall. In terms of where to go in Langkawi, Pantai Cenang and Dendang make for great choices as do the handful of UNESCO-initiated Geoparks in the area.

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